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Someone made a mess in my account (Someone sound like me, yes)
Someone bought a Patek in a panic (Yes, yes)Bode, Bentley addict, I go manic (Oh no)
Hit the oochie-coochie `til it`s slanted, ooh
I`m gon` beat it up, ooh, baby
I`m gon` make you dreams come, baby

Ayy, you the one who talkin` all that trash
(You the one who talkin` all that trash)
Forty-five, I`ll 28 that ass (Ooh)
You can set the snow on fire (Yeah, ooh)
You smell like a peach papaya
She said, eat this psilocybin, I`ma be right back
I`m like, aight (Aight)
Ayy, I don`t know what psilocybin is (No)
This better not be no molly

She just laughed and closed the door
Dark chocolate, sea salt
I took a bite
She said, "We gon` have a special night"
I said, "Who you telling, girl? I know that"
Tracee Ellis with it when you throw back (Ooh, yeah)

Girl, I see your (Shadow move)
Ooh, you`re so divine (Yes, you are)
And them panties came off (Ooh, yes they did)
I`ma give you some privacy (Uh)
Pictures with your stepsisters (Hmm)
N. K. Jemisin with you, uh
Got the All About Love, on some bell hooks
Then I turned to a dirty look, uh (Meow)

Ayy, why your cat lookin` at me sideways?
Sing to her
I said, "Nah, I`ll put on the radio though"
(I might let you go)
Lay back on my back (Uh), vibrate
My ex on some BS
She walked out the closet
Girl, never write a check I can`t deposit

She said, "Boy, stop, let`s go walkin`" (Let`s go walkin`)
You wanna be outside for this
We just talkin`
Dogpark looking like a Trader Joe`s (Roof, roof)
Papillon, mmh, thought you hated those
Other girls, uh, let they shady show

Every time we walk around
They say, how she gonna hold him down? No
They don`t know what they missing
Most these niggas wanna run around with these SZAs (Yeah)
I prefer to just stroll the park with this Chaka
Baby girl was just diggin` all in my pockets (All in my pockets)

I was going hard (By the magic hour)
We were holdin` hands, tried to make me understand (Yeah)
Make girls fall in love, that`s my (Magic power), yes
Everybody`s jealous I won`t ease it with these colors
Ooh, I wanna see it in the moonlight
Yellow, red, orange robe, askin` for donations (oh)
I`m not a tourist, nigga, this is not vacation
(I am not a tourist, nigga, this is not vacation)

Goddamn, man, this girl goin` crazy on my Motorola
She said, "Let me answer it" (Let me answer)
Then she`ll know it`s over (Ooh)
Girl, you cancerous, you gon` ruin my life
Let me get this paperweight, then come be my wife
She just laughed and touched my face (What you mean?)
You don`t understand what this is (Oh wait, wait, wait, wait)
I ain`t lookin` for another lifetime
Let`s just stay here and enjoy the great design

Had the iceberg tucked in my waist (Bling)
Fuck an omelet, you can eat off my face (No)
I just thought that we were vibin`
You don`t love her, then you lyin`
Come and go and you get tulips
Put a finger to my two lips (It`s okay)

Ooh, you got it bad, just remember what we had
You can set the snow on fire
The reason that you`re somebody`s desire (Huh)
The reason that I`m moving with this ooh-wee
I was lovin` life, I got too deep (I was too deep)
Woke up in my room, she was long gone
Toni singing me another sad song (Ooh)
Oh, until we meet again

This ain`t special, tell me what you want
This ain`t special, baby, this is fun
This ain`t special, tell me what you want
This ain`t special, baby, this is fun

Drop it off (21), let me see if your booty soft
Gold mouth (Hold up, hold up), yes, I`m from the Dirty South
Lights out (Straight up), summertime, I brought the ice out (21)
Pipes out (On God), all my shooters came from Moscow
Got a girl in Harvard, I talk proper when I call her (21)
Baby, I`m a baller, ain`t no way that I can rob ya (Straight up)

She don`t want no new friends,
She just tryna buy her a new Benz (On God)
I`ve been counting M`s, me and Ben Franklin damn near kin (On God)
Put my mind to it and I did it, them facts (21)
Talkin` `bout your brother to get some pussy
That`s wack (Straight up)

The police keep harassin` `cause I`m rich and I`m black (Straight up)
They mad `cause I made myself a boss without crack (On God)
I ain`t trippin`, boy, I`m Lamborghini whippin` (21, 21)
Straight up out the trenches, money made me ign`ant (It did)
I`m on a private jet eatin` Popeyes chicken (21)
I be flexin` like I`m eatin` Popeye`s spinach (21, 21, 21)

Morning dew
Percolating, still have a little time for Sunday, ooh
(So baby, let`s take it back to the crib)
(Back to the, back, back to the)
Baby, I might let you go
Babe, baby, no matter what
And like I switch, he on the side of me
Baby got a whole lotta lot on me
Babe, baby, let`s take it back to crib
Back, back to the crib
Back, back to the, babe
I might let you go
Baby, baby, no matter what
And I can, I can, I can, I can
To the crib
Back to the crib, back to the
And no one seen them
Baby, I, baby, baby, I

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