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Woman 1: ...[inaudible], I don't know if they're going to be doing it or not, [inaudible] what they call family packs, [inaudible] of chicken, only in parts that a lot of people don't want, like backs, and sometimes there's wings, and necks, and parts of [inaudible] they put it all in one big package, and they sell it for cheaper by the pound, like, uh, they sell it for 29 cents a pound. But I bought a couple of those, uh, recently, and there's actually a lot of good chicken meat on some of those backs, you know, 'cause they're big backs. But apparently a lot of people don't like eating...

[Inaudible, 11 seconds]

Woman 1: ...fried chicken, and it's really good. And so, uh, I think the [inaudible], maybe because David likes...

[Inaudible, 9 seconds]

Woman 1: I don't know [inaudible], you know, uh, it seems like [inaudible] change sometimes

Woman 2: Oh yes

Woman 1: You know, they don't do the same thing all the time. Well, like right now, uh, you know, usually there's some fresh hamburger right now...

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