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The Greatest Taste Around

I got fired by my boss: Pepsi
I nailed Jesus to the cross: Pepsi
Powdered mashed potatoes in the cupboard for three years
Alcoholic husbands driving frantic wives to tears
Poor old widow's house burnt down: Pepsi

Tractors ploughing down the hills: Pepsi
Ghastly stench of puppy mills: Pepsi!
Sheets with stinking urine, bloody shards of glass
Mud flaps burnt by hot exhaust, drunkards passing gas
Children dying of disease: Pepsi!

Leading helpless teens astray: Pepsi
I can't find the strength to say: Pepsi
Medicated ointment being spread on painful rash,
Old outdated software being thrown into the trash
Everything still tastes the same: Pepsi

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