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1 Arm

What is this!
(Mic Check),
I can't feel my f***ing face!
(I can't feel my face,Bitch)

Verse 1: (Lil Wayne)

Louisiana live wire new orleans night mare, got these nigguhs scared, they growin white hair. i'm from the swamp lil mud on my nike airs, stomp in your face lil blood on my nike airs, stomp in your face till your face says nike air, i'm wit my pack, and we attack like bears. and we can go anywhere, like air. motherf****in ?????????
head high got the world on my back they told me i can turn around, but never look down they told me if i shoot the AK, i better aim down, they say ??tranquolision produces the same sound i said, WOW! and i went and got two too, so you better be listenin for that choo choo.

I aint really the nigguh you gon really wanna front on, i put your whole life on your front lawn, common, stunt on some shit dat nut on, gun on, [i can drive the whip and work the tooly whop with one arm x5]

Verse 2: (Juelz Santana)
Big city terrorisers,you can bet some dollers, (boy) my guns touch kids like pedafilers, i stretch your mouth i'm the excersizor, gun in his mouth like a breathalizer, swallow lead saliva. you aint straight imma 12 o'clock ya, nigguhs pour cement on your body and cinder block ya,(but)i really think they shocked at how clear my rocks are, (why) my neck look like shots of vodka.(damn) dem boys don't want it with me,(nope) im on that raw raw, uh huh, they sweet like peach, cobla. my bilsl gotta be paid, my kid gotta get fed, so if a nigguh gotta lay down im making his bed.(ye)so i hope he like his sheets red,(red) medium rare i hope he like his meat red, Braaap! you see my homies dressed in deep red(red) they scramble nigguhs hope you eat egss. onefiftyfirst bitch!


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