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2​-​3 Zone (Oh My God Freestyle)

Hand me a microphone so I can zone like a 2-3
You never knew the truth so allow me to introduce
Came up on them true G's, the cool G's and smooth B's
But nowadays mention a legend and they like "Who's he?"
Excuse me y'all male groupies but your cover's blown
Everything you say is filled with gay undertones
Y'all some fucking clones
So get your nose broke by me and my co-hosts Coal, Coast and Buttatones
Don't want to be the king, we don't need your bling bitch
You bit off more than you can chew on some teethering shit
Think you got the illest style but see the thing is
I'm a killer clown like Stephen King's IT
What's funny? There's no joke it's just bloody
Swing on every artists from Young Money without the Punch Buggy
No love these cats street rap like a fuck buddy
But these faggots will learn when they crash and burn like a stunt dummy
That'll never work into the center of the Earth and back
Channel surfed the commercial cats and found that every verse is wack
I murder tracks, I don't need to ass kiss
Cuz I make an impression like a fat bitch on a Tempur-Pedic mattress
Couldn't make vagina music even if I tried to do it
Sign a contract with lighter fluid then set fire to it
I don't listen, I'm not a rookie, it doesn't help
So trade your opinion for a pocket pussy, go fuck yourself

I don't even need to rap, look at my supporting cast
And I don't need to hear your album I can bet your songs are trash
You're on the wrong path, train off track
You still fake and wack no matter how much you make off rap
Let's take it back to the streets and reality
You can't freestyle and you don't want to battle me
My personality never gas your head like your crew
Everything I write ain't directed at you
If it was I'd mention you, you must be missing the point
And that's why every time your shit come on I'm skipping the joint
You ain't a rapper nor producer, ain't an engineer
So the only question left is how the fuck you get in here
You can see the energy when I'm creating these verses
You're in the same room like "Sit down buddy, you're making me nervous"
But how could I help it? Now that I felt it
If I didn't share it with you wannabes I would be selfish
Show you how to do it, you imitate looking stupid
I desecrate the troops that ain't move with my unit
My music Bad Karma, know I'ma kill this bar
It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are?
Rappers modeling, that's cock you swallowing
I rep for the old heads so fuck your following
Fuck your lyrics and the gimmicks from you chump bitches
Stay in school if you think it's cool to have a punk image

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