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2 Rounds

2 Rounds (Remix)
I was in Houston for a little minute now I'm back in town
I said I was in Houston for a little minute now I'm back in town

Rich Homie Baby!

I'm coming just wait for me baby
[?] on my cup, girl I'm faded
Pull up, I'm hoping you naked
I'm on it, I'm feeling impatient
She open the door, she got no clothes
I take it there
Straight to the floor, yeah the bed look good
But we probably won't make it there
Young Propain, baby scream my name
And I love how you say that there
Going in, got her in the zone, feeling strong
I'mma make her moan till the neighbors hear
Shawty ride like a foreign with the missing brakes
[?] down, side to side, make a figure eight
She be down to do whatever young nigga say
When I hit it I'mma live up in it like it's real estate
Black diamond, yellow diamond, look like kitty play
Bend her over one time, make it ricochet
Ass so fat, down in the pillowcase
Eyes rolling, got her legs doing the thriller shake

Trill, one round I ain't never heard of that shit
Fucking with a G, I'mma put you straight to sleep
Get some money bands out the [?] murder that shit

I could tell she had her shit when she smiled
Shorty lil dramatic but it compliment her style
Late nights we get romantic
Need a babysitter for her child
If I whip her she like ooooh child
I'mma hit that pussy all night wake up another two rounds
Living room got like 8 pictures we done knocked another two down
Yeah, Yeah
I was in Houston for a little minute now I'm back in town Hold up, cut up, I don't get tired
(Get em Gates!)
I was in school for a semester now I'm back in town
I go to war with God behind you, ain't no backing down
Hollering loud, you lay flat on your stomach
Both hands on your back when I'm knocking you down
Blowing loud while on the freeway, riding around
Denim be sagging, no mention
Unintentional, judging the book by the cover
Uncanny how we sharing similar interests
Just calling, you know that I'm loving your voice
Keep talking bae, I'mma just listen
Broke down a nugget of griggety
Rolling a spliff and I'm watching her twist it

Tattooed up everywhere, scratching my back
So I'm picking her back up, we shaking
Making love to a gangster on side of a banger
Her man run in here, I'mma blank him
Diamonds is sparkling, she know I'm retarded
My tongue is inside of her ear
Gently removing Victoria's Secret
While up in her guts from the rear

I got this lil quiet bitch who never said shit
She thick as hell she stripping dreams and she from Texas
I'm well protected baby Jesus on my necklace
Big Flu my nigga Big Throw my nigga and DJ Everett (whoever)
What it do

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