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4KT Baby

Xclusive made this
Uh-uh, ayy, this YoungBoy, nigga, what it is?
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
How you ben feelin' out there, nigga, how you been doin'?
You got yo steel? Mm, mm, oh-oh, no
Ayy, keep your head up, five

[Verse 1]
I don't know what the f*ck would make them niggas try to play us
Or wanna hate us
That be that doped up shit that get your motherf*ckin' head bust
Ride with my dude, he servin' food, and he just fed somethin'
Don't be confused, we grab them tools, and then go yeah somethin'
These p*ssy niggas scared of that dark side and that's where I roll at
And bitch, you know that
Keep a .22 tucked where my toe at
New school, I was tryna blow that
Go make a diss, yo' f*ckin' ho ass
I can't wait to leave you dead with a f*ckin' toe tag, bitch
Send a blitz, say they gon' get at me
Oh, I live on the wrong side of options
We be zippin' shit, know I be at war
That's 'cause we just sent like thirty through they car door
Got his mask on, fah, fah, fah
That's a 4KTrey baby
Walk up on 'em, lay shit down
That's them 4KTrey babies
Keep his flag, you know he bangin' green
4KTrey baby
Nawfside, concentration, 38, lil' slime crazy

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Date Added: 2022-04-21
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