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A Dope Story

[Verse 1]
The time is 1:12 in the ATL
I exit 112 with this bitch Michelle
In the V12 headed to the hotel
Hydro lit up weed in the air
She feening to get bent legs in the air
She want her hair pulled spank her derriere
We interrupted by a phone call by Joe the player
That boy tell me he got big bricks for sale
Since it's money over bitch, yeah that's my shit
That hoe got dropped quick like pigeon shit
That boy said he just hit a big ass lick
And he's sitting on top of a 112 bricks
And he'll let the boy get it 12 a brick
If I drive a 100 miles probably get there quick
I'm calling the clique tryna scrounge for cash
I got a least a quarter million buried in the stash
Got to give me 25 if I bring him cash
That nigga lick for the shit he got to get off it fast
I'm at my grandmamma's house, flashlight and shovel
Digging up the iron box getting dirt on the bezel
Now I'm heading to the meeting spot with the cash
I got two little niggas with me with ski masks
They snort pile snow and shoot real fast
So if Joe fuck up it's Joe's black ass
If he try some funny shit like Dave Chappelle
We gonna put a few bullets in his lapel
We gon' leave whole clip in that nigga hair
Told Zack and Jackpot follow me in building
If that nigga get cute we ain't talking we killing
And that's anybody man, woman, pets, and children
Or anybody tryna separate me from the cash
Gon' find they ass right next to God real fast
I arrive at Joe's room, it was suite 112
Immediately I asked him who got the yayo
He responds back who got the cash
I tell him me motherfucker now let's do this fast
That's when I noticed this tall nigga looking like a fag
And three dread niggas in the back smoking hash
Four white hoes just giggle and laugh
And I'm telling Joe I don't do business like that
Put them hoes out the room and tell your man
To go sit in the back with Bob Marley's band
This nigga bust out the bathroom pistol in hand
He was yelling, screaming, shooting, and missing
It was like that first scene in that movie Pulp Fiction
Before I could duck big Zack was spitting
Left that boy laid out holy as a Christian
The white girls spazzing out crying, flipping
The tall ass faggot caught one to the head
And Jackpot made sure the Baha Men was dead
Joe hiding behind the wet bar shaking and scared
And I'm screaming motherfucker I got one for your head
By now my two little shooters came in something vicious
They killed niggas twice even murked the white bitches
I'm looking at Joe all shaken and scared
While I got the 44 to the middle of his head
I'm telling him homes look at yourself
You balled up in the corner you done shit on yourself
You was Joe my main player my Ace in fact
I can't kill you homeboy I'll leave that to Zack

Cupid doesn't lie

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