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A Good Man Is Gone

A good man is gone, a good man is gone, gone, gone...
A good man is gone, a good man is gone, gone, gone...
If he had..

[Verse 1:]
I ain't shoot him. I ain't kill that kid
The police did it in front of 20 witnesses. (NYPD!)
That was a good man, now that man dead
They thought his phone was a gun so they shot him in his head
Who gonna police the police for what they did?
He had a job, no felonies, and two kids. (He was a good man!)
Shit, tell the system to go to hell!
They been killing us out here way before Sean Bell. (That's the truth!)
Ya probably thought I was talkin' bout Sean Bell
But I was talkin' about this other kid, his name was Jamell. (Rest In Peace!)
He wasn't no thug, son I went to school with him
He was like cornbread, the whole hood was cool with him. (He was!)
Then the police shot him in the projects
They said they thought they saw a shiny object. (That was a phone!)
That kid ain't deserve to get shot
He wasn't on it like me
He wasn't livin' like Pac. (Damn)

[Talking: Uncle Murda]
That was a good man
An the NYPD killed him cause they thought his cellphone was a gun
That's how it is in my hood
That's what we gotta deal with in my hood
(And I wonder what he would say)
I wonder what he would say
If he was here today
(Somebody got the Devil to pay)

[Verse 2:]
Yo remember little Timothy? (Yea!)
He got killed, apparently had some enemies. (Who?)
Yea, they hit him like 2 in the morning
He was on the bench, two kids walked up on him. (Uhh)
Damn he was out there hustlin'
No pops, his moms got high, he ain't like struggglin'
Even though she got high, he loved his mother
And everything thing he did was for him and his little brother. (It was!)
He made sure he ate, had clothes, went to school
He did things that Mommy and Daddy was supposed to do. (He was a man!)
He made a little, 4-500 a day
He wasn't greedy, just making sure his Fam was OK. (That's it!)
Now look, where he was grindin' at wasn't at block
But he was cool, niggas understood so they let him rock. (They let him!)
But when their money start slowin' up they told him to stop. (They told him!)
Timmy wasn't hearing that, and that's when Timmy got shot. (Damn)

[Talking: Uncle Murda]
Damn, damn he was a good man, that's the game though
I wonder what's gonna happen with his little brother
I hope he aight damn man, you heard he was just tryin' feed his family
Everybody tryin' feed their family in the hood
(And I wonder what he would say)
I wonder what he would say though
(If he was hear today)
If he was hear today
(Somebody got the Devil to pay)

[Verse 3:]
Let me tell you bout his O.G. nigga name Dave
He was a thug, but now he tryna change his ways. (He found God!)
He done killed mad niggas back in the days
Now he in the hood sayin' put them guns away. (Stop the violence!)
This nigga Dave really changed his life
He be tryna talk to the youth, tryna save their life. (Everyday!)
I can't believe that's killer Dave preachin'
He say he tired of all the violence he be seein'. (Uhh)
He tellin' them about things he did when he was younger
Explaining why it's not cool to shoot another brother. (That's not cool!)
They know he official so they listenin' man
They respect what he sayin' when he kickin' it man. (They respect it!)
Look, they know he a G, they know he put work in. (They know!)
But you know they say, the Devil always workin'. (Satan)
One of the kids he talkin' too, he killed his cuzin'
Shawty shot Dave in the head and took of running. (Damn)

[Talking: Uncle Murda]
Ain't that somethin' man
It's like the Devil always workin' because Dave was tryna do good, but his past caught up to him man
Like I'm confused, I don't know if Dave going to Heaven or Hell like, and that's for real man like, you know, damn yo
I think he was a good man though
(And I wonder what he would say)
I wonder if Dave would forgive that kid
I don't know. I don't know
(Somebody got the Devil to pay)

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