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Rap Up 2021

2021 Rap Up
Talk to 'em, Tommy
You know every year, at the top of the year, it's my time
Y'all be waitin' for me to talk reckless
Respectfully, do I entertain y'all with my disrespect?
Respectfully (Great John on the beat, by the way)

[Verse 1]
Lil Nas X gon' catch AIDS and die like Eazy-E (He is)
Hope the LGBTQ don't cancel me (Please)
Like they tried to stop DaBaby from gettin' paid
When he was talkin' 'bout how they be givin' each othеr AIDS (Ha-ha)
They hated on Dave Chapеlle but couldn't stop 'em
Netflix was like, "If you don't like it, don't watch him" (Word)
Bill Cosby came home, I'm glad he doin' well
Honestly, I thought Bill was gon' die in jail (I did)
Who the f*ck was listening' to Tyler, The Creator music (Who?)
That's what DJ Khaled said, y'all know he don't like losin' (He don't)
How he get the number one album over Khaled (How?)
When he be out here tossing' other niggas' salad?

Do y'all know what today is? 'Cause today matters (Do y'all?)
Today is the day I disrespect a whole bunch of rappers, respectfully (Ha)
I don't care who niggas down with
I'm violatin' 'em if they was out here doin' clown shit, c'mon man (Woo)
I know what happen, y'all know what happen, y'all heard what happen (Y'all heard)
I said I wasn't gon' do it, niggas knew I was cappin' (Cap)
Crazy, crazy, shit crazy (Crazy)
Crazy, crazy, shit crazy (Woo)
Y'all couldn't wait for this shit to drop (Y'all couldn't)
I ain't got no rap friends left 'cause all the shit I pop (I don't)
And if y'all know me, y'all know I don't give a f*ck

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