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A Memory

I wonder how or why it all went wrongThe choices that I've made,that sent me down a lonely roadA desolate path that seems so longAnother moment for the memoryAnother year I've left behindAnother day is turning into nightOvershadowing my mindAs I lie awake in wonderAnother dream becomes so strongAnd for the momentI'd like to turn back timeFor all the things that I'd done wrongScattered photographs lay dormantDepicting that I'll never be the sameClassify the times I've hadThey're about to be erasedWithout you I'm left to blameI hear it callingThat memoryWhy is this hurtingInside of meThe cries that were heardWithered and diedImages of you, that left you behindA MemoryI stand alone amongst the shameWith no one else to share the blameI take a look inside I'll seeThat what I'm touching can't be meI feel the fire burn withinI'm living a a life in total sinI'm suffering in silenceCan't anyone hear my cries
Vanishing Point A Memory

Date Added: 2007-12-31
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