Strokes - A Minor 4-4 Lyrics

A Minor 4-4

Well on top of me you look this way
saying to me that I would say
every little creature that lives alone
time gets enough to get him sit right down

and now time's a reaching and I'm not there
and in the end and I am said/sad
all the little people, they're in your way
and a something..... someone to bowl with

and I'm tired
but I'm older
and I said that I was wrong
and I'm not going that way
see I ain't going that way
and I'm not going that way
and I'm not going that way

in a church wehn went in your in that fate
bring it down and a past in your visit
all the little poeple that run around
and I touch them someone that's underground

and hes always
from the corpses
and all a trying yaw yaw yaw (well that's what it sounds like)
finally a part of something new
I'll show them all back home

where's the child I overheard?
and I'm not going that way
i'm not going that way
I'm not going that way
cause I always go your side in

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