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Accessories (Nina Breeda)

AK-47 macking every hoe accessories next to me and BAC and Nina Breeda
Baggers for any endeavors bend over what ever weather you're in and whatever
I'm shooting them for whatever, ever, ever

[Verse 1]
Stop niggas. What you got on my 40 homie I got a 40 homie with two of our homies shooting for me
Don't be shy now nigga. Don't ask the homies why now nigga. Get to stripping for get a pistol whipping
I'm coming to your block. I gotta settle what's gone. I got to medal in stoke. Let off the metal and go
High pocket rockets knocking limbs out of socket.i'm not just litle mu fuckas ask watching and watch
I got busy up in new ride and I'm going senate. I pushed the front line furiously macking the clapicals
I practically looking at me there's a hog in bedded. Most birds flying pump nigga all eleven
Check twice to make sure it's ready for shell shedding. It's Halloween nigga. Yeah the monsters loose
With them machines nigga infrared beams nigga. Coming from the front and back A's and 16's nigga listen


[Verse 2]
Watching fly... Watching em fly. I'm in the strip club. Bout to scoop me up a bitch and get my dick sucked
Yeah, you see the G's up in the corner. Certified Los Angeles ready ride city. I'm on the side long as California we on ya
Stay heated like saunas, spas and beaches. You'll suck the life out my balls like spiders and leeches
There's always a busta around looking for bustas around. Every time you see the bustas around
I'm going smashed every single busta pound Kurup and DAS
You want war or sure? Little confused? You need to choose? I'll choose for ya
I help niggas empty out your shoes for you ignorant mu fucka. Beat it! Before I fly something through that ass
Got a fracture and restructure your pigment mutha fucka. Cock and spitting mu fucka. Just listen mu fucka


[Verse 3]
One and gunning pushing. Crushing a little liquor. High profile nigga. Hostile nigga
Sociopathic for A crocodile nigga. Silent but deadly mutha fucking West Nile nigga
I'm afraid to that I'm gonna have to raid and invade. Stomp stampede squash mob come and get your homies mob parade
I'm going have to main in flame. I came to obtain all the obtain and oxygen. And leave this whole room draining can and gauge
Me and my school of piranhas, looters and shooters. Got different lasting bitches from Magic City to Hooters
Complicated like IRobot and computers. Massive the size of the Atlantic Ocean posting pistols and holsters
Posting West Coast and ferocious. You know it's me. I can make corner half post mortal
And all the mourning and all by the morning. Listen...


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