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Admit It

[Hook: SNL]
I'm a thick motherfucker, I sit this on his lap
With my hand on his shooter, I lay them niggas back
Got somethin' for them niggas that react
I'm a bad motherfucker, I got this nigga's back

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
She say I know you ain't had yourself a good thick bitch
In a minute
I saw some pictures of you boo'd up
It looks like you're starting to like 'em skinny
I say girl, you're a trip
She say "I might be a trip but I ain't trippin'"
She say "watch these hoes cause they Leeches like Robin'"
I say no Robin Givens
She was sittin' on my lap and you know a nigga strapped
I know she feel it
It's crazy outchea, I'm just protecting myself
You know I'm winnin'
She say "I get it
And if anything was to happen to you I'd be livid"
You ain't gotta worry 'bout that
I'll kill a pussy nigga, put his head on exhibit
Come up missing think they caught a big fish
Til his body come up drippin'
I treat her legs like like a grand opening
Smilin' while I cut the ribbon
I took a pill, she took a pill
We was chillin' 20 minutes now we feel it
She say "I know you prolly hear this shit a lot
But you the shit in my opinion"
I said it never gets old
Thought I'd never say never, but I did it
She say "Who you kiddin' boy
You like a thick bitch, big booty, big titties"
I admit it
Big booty, big titties
I admit it

[Hook: SNL]

[Interlude: Lil Wayne]
I like my girls BBW
The type that wanna suck you dry
Then eat some lunch with you
She bout that foolishness, bout that trouble too
Booty on bubble, titties so fuckable

[Verse 2: SNL]
Okay, I know you ain't had yourself a good thick bitch
In a minute
Saw a flick of ya boo'd up
Boy you never liked em skinny
You tell me I'm a trip
Well I might be a trip but I ain't trippin'
I'm just sayin' ohh ahh
Boy this here will keep you warm at night
Feed you good before you catch a flight
Stop actin' like you ain't got no type
Who you kiddin'?

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
I admit it, I admit it
But I got these guns on me right now
I got these drugs on me right now
I got the Feds on me right now
I got two buyers, want it right now
She took her clothes off and I stopped
Looked at my watch, like "fuck it why not?"
Guess I could fuck her once then I'm out
Fucked so many times a nigga lost count, lord
She say "I know you thought that you was about to get
A quick fix, hit it, quit it
But you know you ain't been
With a good thick bitch in a minute"
I say you ain’t never lying
Thought I’d never say never but I did it
She said "speakin' of a line, are you finished?
All we need is a witness"
Girl you trippin', young nigga still livin'
She said "Who you kiddin' boy, you like a thick bitch
Big booty, big titties"
I admit it, I like a thick bitch - big booty, big titties
I admit it

[Hook + Interlude]

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