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Ain't Scared

Still flexing on these broke niggas
Still getting money broke niggas ain't got no hope nigga
I can't fuck yo bitch cause I know that she a gold digger
S beezy nigga I ain't scared of no nigga
I ain't scared of no nigga (x4)

I ain't scared of no nigga
Money make my doe thicker
Disrespect Dre boi you know I'm a do' kicker
Sipping lean ain't no liquor
Rolling backwood no swisher
Rollie on me bust down
Hands up touchdown
Disrespect the gang pull up for ya block
What now?
Know I'm getting guap bitch
I got off the lot bitch
Swerving in that Maserati
Then I drop the top bitch
S.O.D my gang bitch
Come and snatch yo chain bitch


35 thousand in my grill boi
You be sneak dissing, you ain't real boi
You ain't bout that life, you ain't built for it
Just look at my face on the billboards
Just look at my name on the forbes list
(?)fuck with nigga cause I'm gorgeous
That bentley GT is important
So much money on me like wheel of fortune

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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