Miguel - All I Want Is You Lyrics

All I Want Is You

now that you gone
got me listening to songs, that i never would
got me bitter at the world love
okay, you did me good
no wait, you did me wrong
so how asking me like "is we good"
i know relationship are hard
when we slipped
yo we always landed on that better foot
was like a month ago
everything was all good
funny how time change
lives changes, people dont
left you once
hes bound to do the same thing
when will you learn
know he's wondering the same thing
baby i aint playing
leaving me for this type
getting over you, i gotta get another chick right?
but see they aint you
i let shh slide
wish thati didnt ma
to me, seeing that you moved on kills me on the inside
i let that shh ride
in your mind, tell me is you feeling fine
cause really, yo im not
feel like the pair
the waves seperated
for' we made up on noahs ark
so for' we split like some coattails
the world was yours at a point
now its nowhere
hello heartache
funny how we know each other so well, hell

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Date Added: 2010-04-04
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