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All My Life

[Verse 1]
I'm Mister Gates
Come to makin' this cake
Ask ya father, dope harder than paper mache
Bet maybe on the Lakers up ya tazer I'mma waste ya if you painin' seekin' trainin' with this game then I'mma lace ya
I been in and out the cater, Adidas with the laces
Front seat at the races, misplacing of my bracelet but I'm sayin'
I am not pickin' for different roles
I'm not kiddin', you kiddin'? I'm like a ten-year-old
I got my winter clothes
Couple track jackets, and the hats match it
Glock 40 this is black magic
Equipped with black talons, heavy metal this is Black Sabbath
Just the devil, convicted felon, if you cats askin'
(?) kitchen Derek Fisher me and Ron Chapman
Made em' miss, then I made assist, now we drawin' backwards
The percentage cost a bigger penny, very small fabric
I'm just givin' you the 4-11, with a tall mattress

Nigga grind all night till the daylight comin' up
All my life, they said he's not one of us
But he thinks nothin' when the cheese keeps doublin' and the weed I'm puffin' all the lean I'm guzzlin'

[Verse 2]
Brains hit
Watchin' the soaps
Got it like, iPhone got a camera she gon' ride the pipe
If not that then watch back, tell her kind to hike
Get ya clothes, hit the road, and they think I'm polite
G-Shock Spike Lee, diver's watch
Full throttle, same kind that MacGyver got
I drive a lot (Wait)
Hold up I'm hungry, chicken sandwich no honey mustard with onions on it
Won't get embarrassed come run upon it my youngins on you
Trip and head stand on ends, like Coolio
Tool a cut off front of your face, look like a booty-hole
Take for instance, you ain't makin' the right amount
Words on the bird you break in somebody house
Somebody say they was present when they was makin' the count
And you got a couple of minutes cause they out makin' they route
So you walk into a trap and they end up takin' you out


[Verse 3]
In the heart of the re-up, re-up
Feed up on the Libra, you despise you could die
You get beat up with the evil
You got beat up in your regal
Ten two illegal
Let it pass, get ya cash or get beat up by the people
You could hear me through ya speaker got me greedy when I'm eatin' gotta feed a lot of people
All on my shoulders, weight of the world
Death chose em, leg broken, so I wait on my girl
Drop my weight on my girl now we out cruisin' the cities
Stupid decision got me wounded and injured
I got, goons in the picture who end up losin' the city
Trying to do it with this music I'm like who is you kidding
Coops shingle losing, cause the roofing is missing
Ain't into screwin' with pigeons, seem a screw always missing
Seems in the street, the truth always missing
I be seen on the scene, nigga you always missing


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