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Among The Stars

Gaze the comets that scrape the skyClose eyes and make a wish?Don't you pray for the stars to fall?Eternally burning chaotic brightnessFurther from our galaxywhere ignorance meets king fearthey came...Descent from heavens on to the earthdestructive angelhordeBring sorrow for tomorrowsummon endless agonyFor wounded we are on our crusadeto a lost paradiseOh' how my heart yearns back to shores of everdarkChariots of fire flewdownwards from heavens blueOver lands, lakes, over mountains highdashed Faethon on his wayThousand stars burn in the nightBlazing glory ride on the final dayAt last as one, we can be unitedNone better, none lessas we merge with the starsAt last as oneThousand stars burn in the night Blazing glory ride on the final dayAt last as one...
Cadacross Among The Stars

Date Added: 2007-12-31
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