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Forest Remains Victor

The Northern lights delight mesets the darkened skies ablazeAs I slowly make my way over gladeto reach the firwoods rising gatesBut savoring came the jaws of nightswallowing all but moon and starsStorm, it groped till raging blowImpaling bare-clothedlike dagger thrown by embittered foeBeneath the flickering eyes of nightthere under firwoods branch, he restsIn the cradle made by encrusted snowWithout a grief or careThe northern lights...The icewinds cold breath forces meto this fortress of evertreesThat offers me a place to restDen for me and the beasts as wellOh Fortuna thou hath abandoned me!Who could see through the veil of night?could hear the fainting call of the desperate oneWhen the storm rages on and on......and once again it strikes forth withsuch a furious howling blowNo mercy given for the lostwho is seeking a way out from this horrid maze of ice and snowUnder the stars may moon guide your way,but cold Northwinds will blow eternallyUnder the stars, beneath the blazing skiesyou were forced to leave from where forest remains...Out from the darkness just like thata swelling light becameNow chanting for the travellerwhose road became to its endThe Northern lights delight theesets the darkened skies ablazeAs you slowly make your way over gladeto reach the firwoods rising gatesSavoring will come the jaws of nightswallows all but moon and starsStorm it gropes till raging blowImpaling the one who triesto conquer the forest's throneBeneath the stars may moon guide your waybut cold Northwinds will blow eternally
Cadacross Forest Remains Victor

Date Added: 2007-12-28
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