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Kings Of Grim

dwelleth still upon the earthAnd by every cycle of moon can be seenthat deeper it has drawnIn tales once told by the Elderswere that this dark time would comeSooner , they said than it is properfor little boys like you to knowWhen darkness eats all light awaywe, humans are to fallKings of Grim will rise to claimtheir right to rule once moreWhen the dark blades fulfil their deedshall rivers blood-red flow Before North bestows it's wintry frostthe ancient kings stand tallHarbingers of plague they are the spawn of ancient godsThey claim the throne to rule the earthto rule as it is foretoldKings of Grim as they are knownhorde of celebrating DeathRiding along with beasts of helland the night stood by their sideSo fell to endless depths the keepers of the graceWith wings torn, demolishedMake haste now, Death awaits!And I saw the drooling beasts of Sethas they gathered for the feastSight that made me certainthey did not die invainAnd so shall it be, new order amongst menas we circle upon the prey with joyWe who embrace thee with rage of cold steelnow rise from the realm of stenching sulfur seas!Thunder above, Hellfire belowmarch of Immortals forever goes onTime we have waited finally at handGive none no mercy, death for each and all!Harbingers of plague... So fell to endless... The new moon so majesticly broodsupon these wartorn vastsNo more humans serve their selfish deedswhere the forlorn kings have once roamed
Cadacross Kings Of Grim

Date Added: 2007-12-27
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