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[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
Anytime it me in v.i.p
They say the zoo in town
Circus elephants
Is goin' wild, yea you 'n'
Clowns, monkey niggas talkin' shit
I can make yo shit see
Have my Africans eat his face
Like he some bush meat
Animals we animals
Naw, we ain't playin' fair
Dog show got 20 pretty bitches
Pressin' over here, sweatin'
Like a dog ho and I need my
H2o Ima grab yo ass and tip
You good before the night is over
See, we gone like 30 bottles
Jungle juices goin' on
Ciroc, Moet, Rose, Henny
Whatever they pourin' on
Bite that pill then tranquilize
Now they got monkey ...
She fuck ...dealers, ...dealers
Their go you and yo monkey crew

I'm goin' I'm goin' I'm goin'
Animal (x8)

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
It Mr. roll another swisher
(ahhhn) a.k.a. that nigga
Its Gucci Mane, a killer
Yo local drug dealer
And I'm hangin' wit the thugs
Cause I don't like the phoneys
But I'm louder just like tony
And I do dirt by my loney
I'm iced out, thuged out
Aw man,stop
My 95 ... on your girl drawers
And I'm hotter than hottest of the
Hottest of the hot
And I ... 63 ...
I'm a dog, your a cat
Your the dog and I'm the vet
This is that, I am him
I'm the guy, my price high
I'm too fly, I'm way too fly

I'm goin I'm goin' I'm goin
Animal (x8)

[Verse 3: Killer Mike]
I can see a snake nigga
Watchin' me, through grass
Later for yo petty ass
I am in pursuit of cash
Adamsville, suckered up, Martin Luther Kinger
So any enemy wanna buck
Just buck, got a AR on my finger
My blood stay snuffed, they
Smell like smoke
When I leave the room they linger
It' s polo here plus polo there
Ice cold when I flow, I'm a
Polar bear, lookin' like a villain in
A penguin suit, black wit the white
That's penguin coupe, poppin'
In the back of a black sedan
Lookin' like whoo I'm the man
Black fur coat we see me
God damn I'm so m m b
I'm so fucking King Kong
See me rappin' in the Empire State
White girls love my ding dong
Jungle fever I medicate, crocodiles
Is how i style, y'all light weight and
Still wearin' snake


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