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Girl you must be a Gemini, cuz you love it when there's two of you
Don't tell me babe if it's cool with you, wanna guess that while I'm
Screwin' you
Maybe Aries, fire sign
You like it rough no time for love
I knock 'em down, you line it up
They say life's a bitch, mine's fine as fuck ohh
I bury it, them panties read Saggitarius
If you give it up, I carry it
You like kissing girls, Katy Perry it

Tell me what you looking for
Tell me why you came
Tell me why you're here drinking all the champagne

I'm with that, I get that
I bench press, I lift that
I wrap it up, I gift that
You moving girl, huh shift that
Fuck you taking pictures for
Put away that Kodiak
Twisted off that Coniac
Tryna fuck you in your Zodiac

So high (so high), So high (so high)
It's like we fucking in the stars fu-fu-fucking in the stars
Oh my (oh my), oh my (oh my)
Yea, baby just follow me
You know I gotta thing for Asstrology-strology, asstrology
You and all that asstrology, asstrology

Are you a Capricorn or a Cancer
Hold up, don't answer, I just thought since you was a dancer and you off
Soon so what's after
Oh word though, you a Virgo
Down to cum from what I heard though
Good weed let it burn slow
You like freaky shit, then you a Scorpio
Nails all in my back, you must be a Leo
Swimming in the sheets, huh watch me do a backstroke

You know what I'm looking for, you can entertain
I'm lookin' for a sign, is it tatted on you frame

I'm a pussy magnet
And girl you so attractive
Hittin corners in that pussy like I'm swervin' out of traffic
Aquarius or Pisces
Make it an all night thing
It's four of us if you a Taurus gettin' blown up on my tour bus

You can be my horoscope
Tell me how my night's gon' be
I'm tryna figure out what nobody knows
So come and put it down on me
You got me

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