Babyface - Baby's Mama Lyrics

Baby's Mama

Snoop dogg:New americanHow ya love dat'Off the hizzle frashizzle dizzleGet it to me baby fizzle(chech it check it check it)Girl you got your busines in the streetClaimin' that your sh*t is weakBeen six months since you've been goneHow come you ain't calledWhen you don't feel love no moreYou got no right to close the doorYou loved her onceAnd she's got proofBaby boy looks just like youChorus:Yo' get her love and much respectEven if she's got man(ghetto) player you must understandThat's you baby's mommaDon't be late payin' your billsIt takes two to make a kidWhen the hell you gon' understandThat's you baby's mommaSnoop's hook:Tell the baby goodbye (baby goodbye)'cause you don't wanna be by (wanna be by)The way you acting....fly (they way you acting....fly)Girl you know you livin' a lie (livin' a lie)I heard you got a chick on the sideI hope you got it right this timeHeard she got inside your mindHatin' on your family tiesShe's got no right to dawg her outThat is the mother of your childYou loved her once and that's the truthBaby boy looks just like youChorusSnoop rapp:[Baby's Mama lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]You say you don't love herYou push her and you shove herThat's your first son's motherWord to motherIf it's that badThen go and get anotherShe kicked ya to the curbAnd now you're livin' in the guttaSt-st-stutter? ? ? ? That child suppote (support)Is tearin' you butt upNut up, cut upAnd act a foolRaisin' hell at the daycare schoolThey threw you in jailFor not payin' you duesYou couldn't even buy yo son dem new coby(? ) shoesAlotta fools say they do but they don'tI know you're madYou got to hate booGon' wait it throughLet's see what he gon' doHe might, better yet betterThe court wrote a letterTo be real wich youYou gotta kid wich youSo one to oneMan to manHe got to deal wich youHow you gonna act when you (sh*t is stong? )When you don't even claim your ownHow can you even sleepWhen you know you're wrongWake up wake up wake up wake upHow you gonna act when you family's gone'cause they tired of the sh*t you do (all the sh*t you do)How you gonna feel when you can't go home'cause there ain't nobody there for youChorusSnoop's hook:That's your baby's momma uh

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