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Back To Your Heart (2)

It's not I can't live without youIt's just that I don't even want to tryEvery night I dream about youEver since the day we said goodbyeIf I wasn't such a foolRight now I'd be holding youThere's nothin' that I wouldn't do Baby if I only knewChorusThe words to sayThe road to takeTo find a way back to your heartWhat can I do To get to youAnd find a way back to your heartI don't know how it got so crazyBut I'll do anything to set things right'Cause your love is so amazingBaby you're the best thing in my life.Let me prove my love is realAnd made you feel the way I feelI promise I would give the worldIf only you would tell me girl[Back To Your Heart (2) lyrics on]Chorus– RepeatGive me one more chanceTo give my love to you'Cause no one on this EarthLoves you like I doTell meChorus x2(Solo)These arms of mineAre open wideFrom now until the end of timeYou are my worldWhat can I do?It's hard to find A way back to your HeartBack to your heart

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