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Bank Of America

Bank of America, Bank of America
Bank of America, Bank of America
500k off a jug that I’m stealin
Bank of America, Bank of America

Bank of America, Bank of America
Bank of America, Bank of America
Hunned band jug, hunned band jug
Hunned band jug, walkin hunned band jug

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
I’m way sittin up in yo area
I’m on a brick, nigga meet me at the Bank of America
Of they just keep starin, po up
I got money everywhere
I add cash on my schedule, I get guwop on the regular
Soulja Boy tell em man how do you woo
Get plenty of cash and revenue who
Walk inside the club, man I’m getting head inside that bathroom
Soulja Boy tell em I’m flexin
Pull up, go out, on that be flexin
24 karat my lense, they ain’t gonna Gucci my tennis
Damn Burbery my rims, baby my feel is I do this for real
Boys my lean, my fam
Basin my jail out my M’s
My diamonds they look crystal clear
Soulja Boy tell em I do it for real
Ridin in a foreign with real, the other side you see steering wheel
Medusa my chandelier, the opposite side you see steering wheel
I’m ridin and grippin the wheel
Off of a pill, I’m 34 mill
Me keep the ice on my ear
I say my ear designer designer
Your diamond front shinin, then how you can’t find her?
How you can’t find her? Yo ho you can’t find her


[Verse 2: Quavo]
You already know I’m a walkin bank nigga
I’m pullin up in the Ferrari, the Audi Bugatti
Got biggie Versace my shades and I can’t see nobody
Young rich nigga and Im still juggin bitch and I bought an island
Put the birds in the old ass nissan, and they got molly
Bank of America, my money she say that it’s scarin her
Takin trips to Mexico, my plug is Eddy Guerrero
Blunts is fat as burrito
Call TakeOff for the kilo
Call Lil Soulja for the pesos
Young Quavo got white like mayo

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
The Jackson, Benjamin Franklin
Got money like bank of America
I’m laughin at you as histerical
Ima vegiterian, I want the vegetables
Hundred band jugg I want hunneds
I’m takin the trip out the country
The nigga I heard you was plottin
From Houston but I keep the rocket
Them birds, you know that they mockin
Let go, you know that we choppin my ball
Fresh holes, our parents is droppin
Catch up on the block, the feds is watchin
Call off my nigga, they hit you don’t keep it
My nigga the bullet gon kiss you
I’m killin these niggas, ba ba ba
You niggas ain't flexin in rentals my nigga gon get you


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