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yes I want youand I need youthe angel just passed me by, oh!I feel like I could change insideI feel like I can change insidebreeze flicker through my mindfeel your body close on mineinside you:looking down belowsee the love flowthen the love gowhat is love's timecan we ever know?electricity blossomssparks in my mindthen I glow for a whileand I'm gone!I feel like I could love toniteI feel like I can love tonitewings flutter moon brightclose my eyes real tightand find you:looking down belowsee the life growthen the life blowin a lifetimecan we really know?my head in the clouds an myfeet on the groundspinning out of the dreamand I'm gone!

A.R. Kane Beloved

Date Added: 2007-12-25
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