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Best Thing

Verse 1
Anything you can do I can do better
I perform trends and you still a trend setter
Weezy just let em. just let em die
I Got all the answers so they call me when why
What? Where? Who? you think you fly
Im up there too you fly? I flew
Im up there too you know they say two
Is better than one time im
a pimp pimping all the time
So keep your two sense before I give your ass a dime
Pistol on my waist going to need a funeral to wake
Cuz ima pull this motherf**ker dead in your face
R.I.P I know my history run dmc
But my girl is only worried bout one dmc
And im the shit like I.M.T.H.E.S.H.I.T

Verse 2
If I need to battle anyone
ima go with god and a bag full of guns
Yeah im a animal hear me growl
You against me is like man vs wild
Me against you like man vs child
And I am the man
Its young mullah applaud my team
And we can fur the red carpet if the floors not clean
Its mr. its the microphone fiend
And they running with my words like im writing on jeans
Yeah and if they lights car scream
They were singing my song I like to be seen
I deserve to be heard if anything else
So I feel god and the world gone deaf
Can you hear me now?
Even the hip hop vets tell me im the..

Verse 3
I put it down like its too heavy
Rocking out with the world in my hands
Happening my plans
I swear I am important like the evanescence of saying
im just trying to make my alphabets as heavy as I can
how do I live when im as deadly as I am
I give roxon and every other extra credit that I can
Cuz see ill respect the merry of a fan
N o world please blow me to japan
ok im getting high but ima need another fan
I keep going so here I go again
Always trying to be better than I am
Lay with me the lesson in a bone I will stand
Why? Cuz I am just a stand up guy
Your hands smoking me cuz I got your hands high
I prolly be in the bejing rule when I climb
You only know me but god knows I try
No x-rays show my insides
and I gotta stay IN touch with my pimp side
so tell your girl I say wass up
I say hi she like thats whats up
Like the sky
Bird gang taking off bitch watch em fly
They make the sky red like the crimson tide
Flow retarded special o emm??/ metal heavy will fit just fine
So I just had to spit this rhyme
Spit like im trying to tounge kiss this dime
Some say famous gets better with time
So I bought a zillion watches but dont watch mine
You little f**ks are so iron-nicole Nicole plus fo is a 9 mm
No startch but I told iron All out in the open like im in iran

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