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Betrayal Of A Thug

* yeah yeah ya'll..check it out ..yo,
Betrayal of a thug, Ali Vegas...
like you just think you down with a nigga, came up with a nigga,
flamed gats with a nigga, then all of a sudden that nigga want power,
man, he wanna take yours...

[Verse 1]
Aiyo, that cop Rico popped Tito poppin' ceelo
a hot trio, had the block locked since Eighty-Three yo
they was coppin' kilos to see dough
took the block over when nice pulled a hiest and got life in Rio
linked up with this lawyer Primo
Tito knew the steelo
he knew it wouldn't take much for nice to come home, other niggas was dumb
plus when him and Nice were comin' up them other niggas was young
yo, this ruthless chick he used to troop it wit'
she knew the script
she knew nice was only doin' a Two to Six
he came home in the same zone
heard his Cousin got his brains blown
now that nigga flame chrome
they stood on the block all day yo
hustlin' llelo to see pesos
shootin' dice with play-doh
packin' potatoes in Tre-AO's
if you was too tired to run you fired your gun and stayed low
Pop knew it wouldn't cost a thing
for Nice to get them all assasinated 'cause he the boss of Queens
he could pay off a fiend, he called his Brother Ismael
smooth killer that get ill, wit' steel
he's the one that taught Nice how to use fishscale
in '93 he caught a body, skipped bail, moved to Israel
found a wife and crib, raised two righteous kids
got a call from Nice, kissed his wife and slid
'cause he knew the heist was big
he put it on his Son that if this war was won
he would return home and never again draw his gun
but when it come to Fam you can't ignore the streets
the poor can't afford to sleep, the wise think before they speak.

[Verse 2]
yo, shots rang, nosy neighbors and cops came
to see who gun sling on the boulevard
where the real will pull your card
that day it was full of trife goons with knife wounds and bullet scars
they all spit steel, Tito tried to kill Ismael
instead the bullet ricochet'd and split the fade of Nice' Baby Brother
Slick Will
this where it gets real
called up his Sister Allure, she gifted and raw
swift with the Four
matter fact Shorty quick on the draw
she the type to leave you stiff on the floor
pray to God that you get up and start riffin' some more
but instead he called two trife dames with tight game
gave 'em up to date photos and precise names
they spotted Tito at the dice game
bent off of night train
they rose the chome, broke his nose bone and made moves in a white Range
headed back to Queens
ice picks and gats to his spleen
just incase he tried to escape they had him tied in wires and tape that
was drowned in Gasoline
he took it past the extreme
where's the other half of ya team
like Ceelo and Pop before we greet you with shots
they had Eagles and 'Wops aimed at his knot
he had no choice but to break down and start explainin' the plot
he gave 'em the drop
Pop was havin' a wedding on May Seventh
Nice and his Brother Devin would come with all types of weapons
before they crept in the newly weds reception
they started wettin' all of his bestmen
Ceelo pushed Pop's head in
blew a kiss to his Wife and them him and Nice fled in a Legend.
Ali Vegas Betrayal Of A Thug

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