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Between You And Me

J. Varnadeau, W. Denton, C. Garret
Matthew 13:44-46, Philippians 3:7-8,
Psalm 73:25
She was drawn by the melody
sounding all through the city streets
oh, it echoed, so lovely
she set her work aside
left everything to find
the creator of songs
who captured her heart
and brought her soul to life
now there's nothing she wouldn't leave
just to sit at His feet
and to listen all day
And that's how it should be between you
and me
That I'd give all to be where you are
To enjoy and to adore you with all of my
I see smiles from those who are near to
I long for that same kind of peace
'Cause that's just how it should be between
you and me
he searched expectantly
in the sea of his dreams
through his feelings and other swimming
one day this fisherman found
the only pool of truth around
so he went away
sold all he had
just to buy this lake
now he finds himself
at the edge of the bank
and he fishes all day

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