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Biggie Nigga

"Biggie Nigga"

[Verse 1]
Im from a place where them niggas dont talk a lot
License suspended so we walk a lot Always been a thug since i was a young cat
Breast fed by Godzilla mix my Similac with cognac whoa
Now i cant even pray no more
Cuz i done did so much dirt and smoked so much dro
Im afraid God will be like what you calling here for
Dont be tying my line up asking me for shit no more, whoa

Its biggie nigga, reincarnated as a skinny nigga
Yeah its biggie nigga, reincarnated as a skinny nigga

[Verse 2]
I done seen church boys get killed like that
Running off at the mouth when they aint built like that
So for all you wanna bes out there whose attitude is shitty
Yeah God dont like ugly but he aint too fond of pretty neither
Im a hustler from the top of my du-rag
To the bottom of these Tims that done left prints on many backs Like 50 Cent
These industry niggas aint friends And if yall dont like what im sayin
Yall gonna have to murder me again, cuz


So for all these cats out here doing what you do mane, you Biggie
For all these cats our here doing some positive in your community, you Biggie
For all you rap cats thats on the struggle tryna come up mane, you Biggie
For all you cats out here doing that nonsense on that bullshit, you aint Biggie nigga
Hahaha...This ya boi Lyfe Jennings mane A.K.A. Biggie Nigga

Date Added: 2007-12-30
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