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Bird Call

Its that bird call
All these haters got my nerves back
Feeling like I cant be touched
Drinkinas a chaser
I got to get this paper for my unborn creation
Just promise you gonna live it up
We aint worried about haters
I promise
They gonna give it up
And now we gonna take it
He got a dick this long
I think hes Jamaican

These niggaz talkin like theyre killers
I call them pretenders
Im getting money with my niggaz
Aint got an album in 2 years
They can bury me alive
Im about to this coffin
Let me find out that youre hatin
And Imma fuck it
Put a hammer to your head
Got some shit that is shocking
Put the plug in your ass
Let the battery charge
Turn the plug on you Shorty
You need a battery charge
I wasnt good taking orders

But I promise with this music
Ill be feeling the morrow
I swear she would have been the beast
Im just for you
I was down on my neck
I had to us all my sources

No magazine spreads
Couple of funeral services
Its time to clean the hood up
The community service
We aint tippin no dancers
You bitches be worthless
So we pull up to the club
Bitches steady with their shots
Theyre confusing their words
Im a do with this shit
I poop and scoop this terms
You got served

I be getting money
Nicky says Im holdin back
Theyre sleepin on me tough than that
I know what these pussies at
All I know is keep it real
All I know is keep the facts
All I know is lets get on
It might be no turning back
All I know is turn it up
Dont know how to give a check

I know its my time now
I dont think they know yet
Think about it
Let it sit
Yeah ,bitch remember that
Old flames quality
Theyre tryin to refill that
But they know I aint buyin my money
They know I aint into that
And Twitter shit
I aint with the Internet
Log off ,I aint with the chat

I cant wait to make a million
Im a million dollar crazy
Were talkin crazy
Cause the hustles so lazy
Im like little brother
Fuck where theyre tryin to take us

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