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Black Republican featJuelz Santana

Juelz verse 1: Im Feeling like a black republican nah i cant call it more like a black democrat runnin them out of office young Barack Obama im all for it the rock of Gibraltar is now fallin on ya i protect my land like a farmer pockets stay chubby like toccaraor should i say fat like the parkers tote big guns like im still playin contra ya'll washed up like money thats laundered yall funny im bonkers honest girl strapped to my dick like a harnessrockstar flyer then an ostrich and i cover east,west,north,south like a compass i shall shine forever never tarnish money buried behind my house like a garden all green my bank accounts like a foresti cant feel my face is gettin started and weezy is my accomplice (yea) a black activist like sonny carson stripes of a sargent salute meand chicks i get'em high higher then turbulences white Phantom lookin so fergalicious im from the city of big drugs and murder victims its get rich go to jail or be a murder victim (AY!)[Black Republican featJuelz Santana lyrics on]now all yall listen if you cant take the heat get out the kitchenlil wayne verse 2:I'm Feelin like a Black Republican Tote a mac in da public andact so southern die for my brotherenmoneymoney money like Money Mack and PublishingOne life to live never ask for a mulliganStreets cold but the heat make ya feel covered andbeen had cake day late like Ed SullivanFly like a eagle but no,I'm not DonovanBoy ya better go eat some soup wit your mom and demAnd my mind is on anotha continentI am real Cash Money no counterfeitI don't parking lot pimp I just politicBut I get all in her mouth like PolidentNew Orleans' Representa to the endaCome from the city where the glitta don't glimmathe sun don't shineand the gunz don't sleepwake a nigga ass up like he got somewhere to be!

Date Added: 2007-07-05
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