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Yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy
Ayy, ayy, yeah, ayy
Ayy, ayy, yeah, ayyYeah

Say I didn`t love you, you know a nigga loved you
Did you forget to mention?
All the things I did for you, times I made a trip
`Cause I know you hate the distance
Baby, it`s alright (It`s alright)
Go ahead and take your time
But you gotta make your mind
Make your mind up, ooh
Girl, it`s on you to tell me what you wanna do

Tell me no, tell me somethin`, tell me, is it someone
See you playin` with pronto, must know somethin` I don`t, uh
Can`t keep explainin` myself, feels like I`m drainin` myself
I guess there`s no one to blame but myself
Got a big Henny cup, I`ll drink it with help
I`m taintin` myself, I`m ashamed of myself

I`ve been praying for myself like you used to
Embracin` myself, like you do too
I know things is different, your name is different
And as strange as it is, I`m okay with this
And I can`t say it different, never even met him
Can`t hate the nigga, although I hate the feelin`
I gotta

Although I hate the feelin`, I gotta face the feelin`
I gotta feel that shit
Bury the feelin`, kill that shit
The only way to heal that shit, you know
They won`t hear a nigga talk that shit
As trill as this, as real as this
I`m feelin` like I still got this
I give you more or somethin`, until that`s it

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