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Blast Off Intro

Hey. You want to take a hit of this shit
Yo what's that?
Man you want take a hit of this shit or what?
Yeah nigga. What is it?
Here. Hit this nigga
(Coughing and music starts)

Fuck you call this shit?
The music is different yeah? The vibrations are different. Not like planet earth. Playing
The very sound of guns. Anger. Frustration. There was no one to talk to from planet earth
To run us down. We set up a colony for black people here. So we they can do on planet on
Their own without any white people there. They can drink in the beauty of this planet. It
Will effect their vibration. For the better of course. Another place in the universe. Up under
Different stars. That would be where the altered destiny would come in. Equation wise
The first thing to do is to consider time as officially ended. We work on the other side of
Time. We bring them here through either isotope teleportation. Transqualecuzation. Or
Better still teleport the whole planet here through music. Music. Music. Music. Music. Music
Music. Music

Space pretty

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