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Ride 'till I die (just because)
Ride 'till I die (piru)
B's up, bitch I'm me

Young money is the label, let us in the door
Comin in this bitch, all red to the floor
And I'm blooded (Suwhoop) and I'm blooded (Suwhoop)
I got bloods on stage, and bloods at my shows
Fuck with my bloods, got blood on your clothes
And I'm blooded (Suwhoop) and I'm blooded (Suwhoop)

[Lil Wayne]
Once again it's on, yea I'm back in the booth
Stayin at the top like a tack in the roof
Still on these hoes, like a mack in a suit
Still on my toes, not a crack in my shoe
Rappers talkin bout me, but I don't give a hoot
These niggas still lyin, I'm the motherfuckin truth
Talk tough, 'till I knock off ya couf
And I own my team, I'm like a Maloof
They hatin' on me, I'm just trying to be Weezy
Just like Young Jeezy, in the lima bean 'ghini
Smoked out my mind baby now I'm seeing 3D
Dope boy fresh, from my fitted to my DC
All red, so these hoes know who we be
We be's, bloods we B's
Pop pop flows, ya'll niggas sweet pea
Gettin high on the yacht, call it sea weed


[Lil Wayne]
I advance my flow, and they must like that
They like it so much, they say they write that
Barkin at the dog, but I dont bite back
I ain't CPR, I ain't bringin they life back
Black CPR, bad bitch on the bike back
Skittles on my wrist, yeah nigga the bright back
I'mma shine, I live where the light at
Air force fly, call me a nike check
Brand new coupe, same color as the sky
The dash say 2, ya'll know I'm gon' try
Cop pull me over, ya'll know I'm gon' lie
They go up in my trunk, ya'll know I'm gon' fry
Them niggas throwin' salt, all over my fries
So I'mma just walk, all over them guys
Niggas throwin darts, never hit the bulls eye
Young money bitch, New Orleans Eastside


[Lil Wayne]
Been around the world, rep the same thing
Been around the world, it's the same game
B's up b's up, flame game
Blat blat blat blat, bang bang
I told my homie, Streets you can't sleep on life
So he popped an X pill, and didn't sleep all night
I ain't worried bout you, I'm jus tryna do me
Last album did 2, I'm jus tryna do 3
I am what every pair of eyes oughta see
Bitches wish they can just call and order me
My mommy use to tell me get a nine to five
Cash money let it say, nevermind I'm fine


Yea ride 'till I die, yea yea ride 'till I die
Piru, to Damu

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