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Blue Pool

Man, it's so nice to see you again
Near that grey-blue pool in L.A.,
I close my book, move my bag, make some space
'Cause it’s time to give that son a break

Tell me now, how these few years have been
What is living to honor the past?
I have been well, I say through a smile
These feelings, they come and go fast


Light your cigarette, I see the fame in your eyes
Sing me that new song you sing
The time for you and I, it was never quite right
That matters, that means everything

'Cause the garden walls grow quick
And before you know, you’re outside of it
And the ivy is coming in
It's so beautiful if you can find it

Time, she’s always kept you on her good side
Some people, they still fight their fate
I understood clear what you said with your eyes
We all speak in different ways

And the Garden walls grow quick
Before know you’re outside of it
And the ivy’s comin' in
It’s so beautiful if you can find it


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