R Kelly - Body Body Lyrics

Body Body

R. Kelly - Body Body lyrics

Girl I got some money in my pockets (in my pockets)
Do you wanna roll out with me yaaaaa ( yaaaaa)
Baby ima playa u cant knock it ( u cant knock it)
And i'm just tryin to get in between ye ( ye)

( verse 1)
I pull up to that club in a beama o my gosh
Niggas lookin like they aint neva seen this kinda of car
Who's dat at the bar
He's a superstar
12 Play: 4th Quarter and you now i'm goin hard
There's so many choices its hard for me to choOSE
I just left one club so i'm already out to boost
Straight up 12:00 I got shawty in my view
I steps up 2 her and say shawty what it doooo
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She started backin it ( backin it)
I started smackin it ( smackin it)
She started clappin it ( clappin it)
I started grabbin it ( grabbin it)
And then I whispered in her ear and told her lets get out of here
wanna take you home with me, girl

Girl I want yo body body
Do you want my body body
Wanna do sumthing to your body body
Wanna do sumthing to my body body
I'm kissin your body body
You're kissin my body body
I'm on it you body body
You on it my body body
OOOO lets get it AAAAAAAAAA (8x) Shawty!

(verse 2)
I know it must look unreal when you lookin from the outside
See that bentley pull up wit dat boy on tha inside
Step up to so cool; walking so fly
Yeah, you got a man but he not focused like (urrrrrrrr)
Aint rolling like (urrrrrrrrrr); Spend money like (urrrrrrrr)
Then you want to pull ya hair and stroke it like ( urrrrrrrr)
????????????????? rockin stiletto (stiletto)
Plus you so hooked want you to get up (get up)

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