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Body Surfing

Took a walk, down by the oceanI was alone, nothing on my mindAs I stood there, I saw the devotionThat the surf had with the shoreSuddenlyI felt this emotion, of the seaPulling meChorus:Big kahuna, tide was highI began bodysurfing for my lifeEcstasy, sky and the seaEmbracing meGolden sun on my faceGiving life to meUnafraid I let goTrusting in the deep blue seaWe became one with each other[Body Surfing lyrics on]Watching the tide as it drifts awayChorusI spoke to me daddySaid to me, sonYou got to go find a jobAnd bring some money into the familyFor your mommy and meI say, daddy, me want to go to the seashoreAnd bodysurf all day longMe no wanna workMe wanna playMe wanna bodysurf all dayMe told himMe wanna go bodysurfingMe tell himMe tell himNo, me wanna go

Date Added: 2007-09-30
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