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Boot It Up

[Verse 1: Fenix]
Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture
Your bitch all in my DM's sending me some pussy pictures
I fuck bad hoes, I got real niggas
I got xanax in my cup like how you feel nigga
I been geeked up, geeked up
Riding 'round town with my feet up
If my bitch tripping, I'll leave her
Then have a new bitch in a week bruh
Me and Ohgees smoking purple by the pound
In your town, ride around, catch an opp and gun him down nigga
All my bitches pop molly, sniff coke
I got a ho that give me xans by the boat
And damn all you niggas so fufu
Play with my money, I'll shoot you
I fell in love with the Screw juice
I turn up, go nuts, got some screws loose
Louis, the Gucci, and Dolce
I need a ho that go both ways
Syrup got me at a slow pace
Until I boot up like I'm lo way

[Verse 2: Ohgeesy]
Boot it up, boot it up, boot it up
Come to the party just to shoot it up
I don't need a plug, I get it off the boat
Hit my line if you niggas need a quote
Hit my line baby, I'ma get it sold
Hit it once, then you leaving out the door
Pop me a double, I poured me a four
I'm smoking hella dope, fuck a groupie from the show
Hit her with that addy, tell the bitch where to go
Fenix fucked the bitch while a nigga got throat
We switch 'em and flip 'em 'cause we the bang bros
I'm smoking so much 'cause I'm needing that dope
I ran up my check as I'm whipping my wrist
I fuck on your ho then go home to my bitch
I'm sipping out the sip, codeine what I sip
And I'm drinking out the bottle when a nigga in the VIP
I don't spoil your bitch nigga, your bitch spoil me
I see you niggas taking pictures with the foil teeth
I got real gold nigga, real gold all over me
I hold her from the back, you just hold her closely
Niggas ain't out fuckin' with me, no one close to me
Niggas talking shit but who the fuck you supposed to be
Niggas wifing bitches but she just a ho to me
Niggas wifing bitches but she just a ho to me, ayy

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