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Bottled Lightning (No Way Out freestyle)

You can say so much with an eye gaze
These crazy thoughts that run around in my mind's maze
Its like my heart survived an ice age
Then I stepped outside and realized it was a nice day
Lights camera action flying colors
But there was one light that was brighter than the others
It was surprising to discover, the vibrance and the wonder
When he caught a sight in his iris that was silencing the thunder
I mean she was mighty [?misdefying?]
This gonna take some improvising wait oh shit shes smiling
And them voices in my head continue lying like
"you know you don't stand a chance in hell kid you wilding"
There I go straight to denial
Shes in a league of her own and you ain't played the game in a while
But It was undeniable something was making me wild
Then I came to realize that thing on my face was a smile
Oh shit I wonder if anybody noticed
Fuck a heart beat I think I just felt my soul skip
I need to roll a spliff and then go and smoke the whole shit
I need to calm my nerves down before I go spit
This is almost humorous
Voices are back telling me that I'm on some stupid shit
I need you to stop thinking about all that foolishness
Cause I'm pretty sure she ain't got a clue you exist
I tend to be a tad pessimistic
And that's probably because I never get shit
But I don't think this could get simplistic
Cause she makes me want to testify can I get a witness
Getting ahead of yourself as usual
I can't help if she feels this way so beautiful
You know telling me to ignore her is like telling the waves to ignore the lunar pole when the moon is full
Something about her just feels soothing
I can tell shes unplugged you know? like a real human
Frozen in time but my mind is still moving
Thinking about how this is all probably an il-lusion
I am lost inside of my thoughts
These are those precious moments that time lost
In the sea of people there was a beacon, a light source
He ain't blind but there was something I couldn't take my eyes off
All wrapped up I feel the throttle tightening I can't ignore her
Her aura is bottled lightning
Trynna catch her attention is beyond excitement but staring with your mouth open is probably not the right thing
So many feelings that I felt
There must be a fire in my heart why else would the ice melt
I might need some slight help keeping my mouth closed so I don't go and make an idiot out of myself
Timing is everything that's why I'm waiting
But look at her she probably makes some divine statement
Then she gave me a hug that got my mind racing
No really, it was one of them hugs that was life changing
Light changing full speed ahead
Actually I got a better idea I won't speak instead
I can tell this one is uniquely bred and filled with an abundance of soul food that will keep me fed
I can tell shes a rare find I mean damn I'm trying not to stare but shes mad fine
What am I supposed to say? "hey I'm an air sign and I think we should probably compare minds in our spare time"
Nah, ill wait til the timing is optimal
Plus I love this feeling, anything is possible
Dropped her a message wasn't suave of philosophical
"Good to meet you P.S. your hugs are phenomenal"

Ho-o-o-o-oh I can feel it deep inside my soul
Oh-o-o-o-oh you are someone I would like to know

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