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Boxing My Shadow

[Verse 1:]
It's like writing to the dead, dear people, I don't know if you'll hear my last plea
But somebody needs to be a little concerned about me, it's like I'm standing on the edge of a high tower balcony
Ya'll are rootin me to jump, nobody stoppin me
It's like a drug filled rock n roll documentary
Just wait till the world knows what's inside of me
Cause you ll be sorry when I'm gone, and I'll be gone so very soon
If the pressure on my diaphragm keeps resisting
If the feds keep my brothers stompin up and down prisons
If you can't understand my offerings and deep mission
No label is willing to see my unique vision
If metro housing keep threatning my poor mother with eviction
You'll be sorry, (you'll be sorry)
You'll be sorry if I stay so poor I can't afford my own medicine to cure my ulcer
And get vexed at every rich person that walks passed, that won't blast, just yet I don't even have enough gas to pass the exit, so don't laugh, (don't laugh) I think a smile is a charity, but fuck don't laught my anger, (resulted) from pressure, (exhaustion) my boys be (orphans), my voices, (is all bent), I'm tired (I'm coughing) my daddies, (divorcin), my momma (is hopin), my eyes be (so open), for chances, (I'm walkin), I'm walkin an
Talkin and boxing my shadow

[Hook: x3]
I hate you!, I hate this
I hate food, I won't eat
In case you, Offend me
I wait you, so don't sleep

[Verse 2:]
It's like the possibility of making it in the industry is just around the corner now
It's just about your ability, but see it's like an enigma
An insomniac singer, a dream a figment of your imagination it seems
It'll never be succesful, please protect your neck before they squeeze
I'm your biggest hater you suck, and even if you don't
You know your luck you'll probably get runover by a truck before your first label meeting
Meeting is the issue you prick, yo yo you really make me sick, no no you make me sick
I can't stand this argument, see this is what happens when my mind starts to dwell
And my strenght starts to fail
And I get an anxiety (resulted) in panic attacks (exhaustion)
I might as well look for (a fence), my health is (dissolving)
I am tired (I'm coughing) my wife is (divorcing), my girlfriend, (is open)
Cause I gotta so (open) over these niggas, (walkin) I'm walkin and talking
And boxing my shadows

[Hook x3]

[Verse 3:]
And now I sing about the poor, and I sing about the war
And how can I not represent, when I'm the most critically acclaimed
Put most emcees to a lyrical shame, get some um fame
Express my pain and still keep this shit raw, how can one person be so poor
Look at it, your better off, (without me), I mean even I (doubt me)
My own dreams, (mock me) the snicker and talk, (about me)
They want me to suffer, [? ], take my life around me, (rob me)
They got me boxing my own shadow!

[Hook x3]

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