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Breathe Easy

I've been dreaming through these letters and lights.
Just far enough away to keep you tonight.
It's alright, I'm the same, still the man with no name,
Taking aim, as you're walking away.
Well I've been holding to these moments so long,
That I've forgotten how it feels to come home.
I'm alone; When you're gone, all the flames hit the roof
Screaming out for my life coz I'm not fireproof.

And it feels like something's about to break
As I fall right through cinema frames today
Well you say that I'm losing my way for you
For you

But you've taken my heart for all that you know,
I'm writing this down as an all time low.
I'm here and you're gone and it's all I can see,
You're breaking my heart and still you breathe easy.

Oh and I knew that we were falling apart, tearing from these seams.
And I'm still barely gripping to you now that you're everything,
And I feel; I feel like something I've never known
Tell me now that I'm dissolving alone
When you say that I'm losing my way for you
For you

I'm feeling so lonely, and I can't believe that you're gone
That's not what you told me, and I, I'm not the same anymore

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