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Brutal Beats

Slick and finger licken good like chickenPossessed like Linda Blair, in exorcistCan't front on the dragon, that's ludicrousYour styles suckin', like a lollipopKnock, knock who's thereYo a buck a shotDa fuckin black pantherComin right at chaPoisonous...I spread like cancerCrews fuckin hate us, I'm mad fuckin famous4 takin no shit and puttin boots up your anusRuthless...I'm leaving niggas toothlessI be da ill funk freaka blown out you speakersHard rhythms, completeBrutal beats of concreteRuthlessBut don't let tht trouble youThat's ruthless, spelled with an R and not A WMad like Alfred NewmanBad, like Michael J's new chinKickin science harder then spockPicken out victims like Furman with a glockBuck, buck, buck, shots be ringing outSlam you ass like Hogan in title boutHard rhythms, completeBrutal beats of concrete
M.o.d Brutal Beats

Date Added: 2007-12-27
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