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Bury Me in Dixie

Mt. Cheaha is my Everest
And the Coosa is my Nile
Alabama's where I was born and raised
And I think I'll stay awhile
Sing about sweet home
And Dixie Land Delight
We tell stories about what goes on in Montgomery at midnight
Cause music row ain't only in Tennessee
So won't you bury me in Dixie
Beneath these Alabama pines
Or take me to Tuscaloosa
Plant me under the fifty yard line
Put me in an old truck
A four door chevrolet
Drive me down to Guntersville
And park me by the lake
Or Take me to Toomer's Corner
Put me under and oak tree
Give em toilet paper
Till they mummify me
I'll rest in peace if they
Bury me in Dixie
Well lay me beside my daddy
And my grandpa just the same
I want every headstone next to me
To read my last name
But take me back to Jacksonville
Drive me up mountain street
Lead me into old pile snow
And show me to my seat
When God decides it time for us to meet
Won't you bury me in Dixie
Where hard work is a plow
I wish Robert E. Lee could come back
And take a bow
Take me to the Flora-Bama
And set me up at the mullet toss
And everybody drinks on me I don't care what it cost
Or take me to Talladega
Spread my ashes in turn three
Paint my casket black with a big ass number three
I'll rest in peace
If they bury me in Dixie
Won't God bless Alabama from sea to Tennesse
I'll rest in peace
If they bury me in Dixie

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