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Bury You With Satan (Remix Pt. 2)

[Verse 1: Necro]
Listen to the rugged shit
Your jugular’s slit with razors quick
I'm sick
I only kick amazin' shit
You diss?
You buggin, bitch
You better wake up
Before we dead you
And break up your face
You're a disgrace
And you'll get taped up
Tortured, murdered, replaced ...
I be the perverted wordsmith
You're bird shit
You heard it?
I said it
I'll set it
Anybody can get it
You not exempt from contempt
You beat me?
You dreamt
You were sleepin, dozin'
You'll be bleedin'
I'm a frozen frigid cold cretin
Packin' a hatchet in my jacket
Back it the fuck up you bitch
Or get cut up in fractions during action
Gore aficionado
Rip your body open
With a bottle that's broken
You're smokin'
Full throttle
Hit with a shotty
I get vexed
You're dead next
Butcher you
Mushin' you
Violence is endless
When I bring it
Ain't much you can do
Psychological with the demonic pull
Reelin' you into sin
Peelin' your skin like a psychotic bull

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
Police murderer
I'm causin' hysteria
I'll send ya fuckin faggots to hell
Then I bury ya
Ask Moses
My words are like the fire on the mountain
I got mix tape verses
To shit on your entire album
I make the most horrifyingly vivid images
Come to life
Stab you in the fuckin face
With my sentences
A knife sharpened by God
Could cut no deeper
I kick tables over with Jesus
There is no equal
I'm like Lucifer
The unforgiven
Cast out of heaven
I must, rather, rule in hell
With the black MAC-11
Than be a servant
I'd rather be an accessory to murder
The Hell on Earth survival means
You better be an earner
An enemy mind
You ready to die?
Are you fuckin' pussies mentally ready
For machetes and nines?
For the drama on your momma's door step
I drive by
And spray hollow tips
That split your mind's eye

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