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California Highway

Juicy J:
It's your boy Juicy J in the building
And you're rockin' with my nigga Tree Jay
Listenin' to that Piff Jar
It's going down
Shut the fuck up!
Play me some pimpin' man
(Billy Wes: California highway)
California man got me goin' man
(Billy Wes: Anything goes)

Mac Miller:
Tree Jay Jay Jay Jay

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
What's up let's go man
I'm geeked up
I'm trippy right now
I'm smokin'
I'm smokin'
Shut the fuck up!
I gets, I gets, I gets, I gets high
Xanax, OG, Codeine, there's no lie
Pass me the light to legalize fire
Keep up, I'm red, we can see the sky
I go hard in the paint with that purple drank
Take a few shots after shots 'till I fall and faint
Tryna smoke up all my weed no you bitches ain't
Not unless you paid like Oprah look like Tyra Banks
Smokin' Cali'

[Hook: Billy Wes]
California highway
Anything goes x2

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Uh huh
And it go like
I just got here like 30 minutes ago
Just dropped down in Cali had to come and grab this medical
So fool if you ain't smokin' like we smokin' we gon' send you home
Bitches let me get the dome
Hugs and kisses X and Os
And I be rollin' up while she suck my dick like get it ho
Young boss bitch
Red eyes in my sockets
Gin mixed with my tonic
Weed card for my wallet
You ain't capable of livin' so just watch this
Chronic is my drug of choice so Juicy roll another joint
We on this

[Hook: Billy Wes]

[Verse 3: YG]
Juicy J what up nigga
Ay this your young brody YG though
California weed
Bad bitches on their knees
Beggin' nigga please
Fuck 'em 'till they bleed
Then I smash out
Killa in a swisher
When you hit it make you pass out
Hotel room full of bad bitches with their ass's out
Patty cake, patty cake
Girl make that booty shake
Smokin' California weed
With my nigga Juicy J
An ounce of OG kush
And a box of swisher sweets
Told this girl to get my name tatted on her ass
She did haha

Juicy J what up nigga
California to Tennessee you already know how we do it
All pimp shit
All high shit
All the drunk shit
Alcoholic pills
Weed and bitches
Money money money money mothafucka
Hey Juicy J man you know you my nigga right
I'm so mothafuckin' high off this blunt
My nigga this shit is crazy
I just wanna let you know
Whenever you come to California you need some 'dro my nigga
Hit me I got the connect to the whole mothafuckin' thing my nigga for reals

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