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California Kushin

[Verse 1: Dolla]
California kushin
I Love it like good pussy
Tryna get up get out my state like goodie a problem ain't na to me
A Lawyers couple thousand back stabbin ass
Got me watchin my surrounds
Pound for Pound
Word for Word
I'm ahead this third, grade
Rappin ass niggas i get better each verse
As we continue on infinity and beyond
Benz colored green gettin dolla of the coin
Lft alot of weight last week I pulled a groin
The money keep goin never sleep keep goin
Push it tot he limit cuz we gettin it till the mornin
And back to the day and vacay place's tropical
Ridin like tooth decasing flipin over obstacles
Gun play is optional but money is the focus
No just smokin weed its me and all them locals
Cuz i get and respect it I'm infected with the game
Neglectin pelon and felons cuz she board to train
Plane or automobile make sure that you drive slow
Chasin after a mil stay focus on my dough
East atlantas nigga and east saint lorrents
Screamin fuck a bitch she a ungrateful cunt
I'm unfaithful to her why he try to pursue her
Connoisseur of the money & honey and thick asses
Hangin with the same niggas i skip class with
Y'all on pac shit phase on the dash with

[Verse 2: Dolla]
California weed give a nigga Alzheimers
Nope i never sold a milli but im still head liner
Shoot ya in the head white chalk'll outline
Mathafucka some rapper I'm full time grinder
Part time rhymer rap recreation
Simple ABC Another Bad Creation
Another nigga hatin introduce him to the pavement
Gangstas move in silence plus
We never make statments
Paper with faces of dead crackers pursuin
Big body benz keep a bad bitch droolin
Beat her pussy down until the mothafuck ruined
Hello how you doin as I watch her start to blush
Fuck her on a hundred thousand
Just to get a pistol rush
Go On
And spread the world im in the car swag surfin
Look good on TV but even better up in person
Tattoo tears reminiscing bout my pops
Then I lost my nigga coolie guess the pain will never stop
Ive done been on yatchts with diddy at fourteen had to take the loui's off
He like to keep the carpet clean
Eatin horderves surf board to the ritz hit the A
And tear the block up, me and my mitfitz

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