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Cancer is like a dark day
But how you think the dark comes to light?
Affects millions
Might've affected someone you know
Someone close to you, someone you love dearly
It does not discriminate
Help them to rise
Help others to rise

[Verse 1]
My man Star died from bone cancer
They couldn't find an answer
Unregulated cell growth, malignant neoplasm
Two hundred known cancers
I will explain in my stanza
To determine what causes it is so complex
This time, you get to call X
Cancer is detected in various ways
Medical imagining and screening
Show cells that grow and divide
That's why we need to get outside
Exercise is a must
Tobacco kills us
But sometimes it comes for no known reason
Chemo and radiation
A lot of people in this nation
Fight that battle every day
Thirteen percent of all human death
DNA mutations reaches all nations
Affects generations (families!)

[Verse 2]
Cancer is the great imitator
Sometimes it reveals itself much later
From a boss to a waiter
It don't discriminate
It don't discriminate
Hodgkin's disease, leukemia
Cancer of the colon and the prostate
You need to get yourself straight
Cancer of the lungs is rising
The first thing you do in the morning is buy a loose
It feel like a boost
It's a threat in that skinny cigarette
Exposed to asbestos in the air
In that jail, they wasn't playing fair
Shit was everywhere
That's why I lost two brothers that year
Lymphoma, melanoma; this little place in Oklahoma
Devoted to the study that killed Rena
And Mr. Chin, my neighborhood cleaner
Pancreatic ain't democratic
Aspirin helps seven percent
Them other medicines? How can I pay the rent?

[Verse 3]
I need to help with breast cancer
Hope this bracelet on my wrist brings an answer
I'll walk a thousand miles if it brings forth smiles
3000 BC, the Egyptians described cancer
So why we ain't got an answer?
The most common form of cancer's on the skin
It might affected your friend
Count Basie, Bob Marley, Peter Falk, Walter Payton
I'm waiting for that budget, for them big funds
So we can cure our loved ones
Save the babies, the seeds
That's what the world needs
Let's explore needs
The Race for Life could save a life for your mama
I hope this strikes a nerve
But in the news we concerned with guns and purp
Have you ever been to Ronald's House?
Take your family there

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