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Cease To Exist

ICBMs scream from their silos into thesky. Warheads detonate over their targets.Nuclear blasts incinirate city after city. Swept away by the shock of theexplosions humankind dies in agony.Ash blocks the sun from penetrating the choked atmosphere.The global temperature dropsinto nuclear winter. Below, radiation poisoned air,soil and water is all that's to be found.By what is left of who is leftfires burn from the haze of a darkened world.Charred skins hangs from the bones of survivors as they struggle trhoughleveled rubble. Past-gutted buildings and unburied bodies.Hell rages on the face of the earth. All creation lays at themercy of madmen whose commands will cast us into world war three.If the keys turn from the press of a switch all life as weknow it shall cease to exist. Cease to exist. Cease to exist.Cease to exist. Cease to exist.
Earth Crisis Cease To Exist

Date Added: 2007-12-27
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