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Come Alive

[Hook – Corbett and (Saigon)]
Will you raise me from the daze? (Saigon)
Make me come to life again? (I need all my people)
I won't be afraid (Never afraid)
With your breath of life inside my heart, today (You don’t have to die to be dead)
(There’s a lot of braindead. But you know what? You gotta)
Come alive (We gotta open our eyes)
Come alive (Watch me reincarnate)
Come alive

[Verse 1 – Saigon]
I heard we 'bout to send the Navy out to Syria
And niggas yappin' 'bout some Maybach interior
This the way of thinking that made blacks inferior
At least wonder, wonder why is that the criteria?
If I wanted to get censorship, now look at how big this is
You Illuminati in a new Bugatti—guess membership got some privileges
None of y'all could be the new 2Pac
We ain't hearin' 'bout 2Pac's watch
We ain't care 'bout 2Pac's chain
Nerve of y'all to say 2Pac name
I don't think that y'all got that right
Ain't neither one of y'all 'bout that life
If I could turn back time, turn back crime
You know we'd all be better off without that night
Might be better off without that fight
The world'll be better of without that sight
Pac in the car with Suge Knight
Nah, he would've been in the house that night
Now it's getting harder each day
I don't know what y'all do, but we pray
Little riding officer on the BK
We start by the park, poverty play
Not just the artist, it's the DJ
The rider soundtrack to where we stay
You ask Jesus what would he do
What do you think he'd say?

[Hook – Corbett and (Saigon)]
Will you raise me from the daze? (Think it’s time for us to resurrect)
Make me come to life again? (We can’t be afraid to live, can’t be afraid to die. For real)
I won't be afraid (We can’t be afraid)
With your breath of life inside my heart, today (We gotta live. Fight to survive)
(We gotta fight to survive. I need everybody to) Come alive
(I need all my people to) Come alive
(I need everybody right now)

[Verse 2 – Saigon]
I done climbed a mountain, I done swam an ocean
You should move before I snap—that's that man in motion
People say when they hear me rap that they can hear devotion
I swear that this year that I'm back and I'm gon’ clear that notion
That I fell off, not gon' work
That's like saying that getting shot don't hurt
I give God the praise Monday to Sunday and I ain't gotta be inside some church
Raise my daughter right—she not gon' twerk
She marry a gentleman and not some jerk
If, by chance, a jerk guy come first
He gon' see how my shotgun work
You could put me up [?] the culprit
We won regardless and we won't forfeit
We borderline, never gonna cross it
If he on that BS, he best to come off it
But you smoke—medicinal purpose
Y'all must've forgot what a lyrical verse is
Sai coming alive like I did on my first shit
Y’all… nah, y’all just worthless
[?] perfect
I scribe all my life, I survive the worse shit
I ride on y'all before I ride them hearses
Swear ‘fore God, done found my purpose
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray my Lord, my soul to keep
By some chance I don't survive
I need all of y'all to

[Outro – Corbett and (Saigon)]
Come alive
(I need everybody to) Come alive
(I need all my people to) Come alive
(I need everybody) Come alive
(Gotta resurrect. Let’s wake up) Come alive
Come alive

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